Study in USA

USA- The United States of America seems leader in many areas of technology, research & international education. Living & learning in USA is itself a challenge where your native language is not spoken and you will be absolutely in a new environment and it will make you confident, knowledgeable with broader prospects.

Washington DC is the Capital of USA & New York is the largest City.

USA is a federal republic consists of 50 states, 5 major self governing territories. US is third largest countries with third most populous after China & India. USA is a highly developed country with the world largest economy by nominal and real GDP. It ranks highly in several measures of socioeconomic performance including average WAGE, human development & productivity per person.

English is the major language spoken here and no official language is obtained as if now at federal level.
Currency is measured as United States Dollar i.e. USD.

  • Country
  • USA
  • Capital
  • Washington, DC
  • Largest City
  • New York
  • National Language
  • English
  • Ethnic Group
  • – 72.41% White
    – 12.61% Black
    – 9.11% Other/Multiracial
    – 4.75% Asian
    – 1.12% Native[4][c]
  • Government
  • Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
  • Total Area
  • 9, 833, 517 km2
  • Population 2016 Esimate
  • 324, 099, 593
  • Currency
  • USD
  • Time Zone
  • (UTC−4 to −12, +10, +11)
  • Summer (DST)
  • (UTC−4 to −10[e])
  • Date Format
  • Drives on the
  • Right
  • Calling Code
  • +1

USA is also considered as a world’s most popular international student destination for their further education. Highly ranked Universities & Colleges were established and providing first class education along with research oriented and practical approach. US degrees are recognized all over the world and employers gives preference to these students who are seeking job after completion of their studies.


  • State universities
  • Private universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Technical and Vocational Colleges

      • Bay State College (Boston, Massachusetts)
      • Mercyhurst University (Pennsylvania)
      • Ohio Valley University (Vienna, West Virginia)
      • Rochester College (New York)
      • Young Harris College (Georgia)
      • Culver stockton College (Canton, Missouri)
      • Saint Michale’s College (Colchester, Vermont)
      • South Western College (Chula Vista, California)
      • University of St. Thomas (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
      • Claremont University (Claremont, California )
      • Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts)
      • Stanford University (California)
      • Williams College (Massachusetts)
      • Wesleyan University (Connecticut)
      • Amherst College (Massachusetts)
      • Swarthmore College (Pennsylvania)
      • The City Colleges of New York (New York)
      • Ithaca College (New York)
      • Wheaton College (Massachusetts)

      Fall –August/September
      Spring –January/February
      Summer – May / Jun

      POST STUDY WORK RIGHTS: Student visa [F-1] holders are eligible for a total of 12 months Optional Practical Training [OPT] per educational level completed.

      WORK RIGHTS DURING STUDIES: International students studying in the USA on F-1 status visa are eligible to work on campus up to 20 hours a week while school is in session, and can work full time during vacations / scheduled breaks.

      Eligibility Criteria:

      • Copy of Passport
      • With or Without IELTS or TOEFL
      • Passing Certificate & Mark Sheet of 10th & 12th
      • Work Experience (If any)
      • Financial documentation
      • Letter of Recommendation in case College/University asks for.
        • After receiving your I-20, student will be able to further process their visa application to USA embassy. We will assist student in filling out application form i.e. DS 160 along with submission of Sevis fee of 200 $ & embassy fee 160 $.

          Finally assist student for making an appointment for biometric as well as student visa interview at USA Embassy.
          Student will receive the visa application result at the time of interview if he/she passes the interview and visa has been granted or not.